Michael Glabicki: Who Is Rusted Root’s Lead Singer?

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If you’ve heard of the band Rusted Root, you may be wondering who its lead singer, Michael Glabicki is, and what he’s all about. In this article, we will take a look at musician Michael Glabicki and learn about his biography, musical ambitions, and other projects besides rusted root.

Who Is Rusted Root Lead Singer-Songwriter Michael Glabicki?

Michael Glabicki is the lead singer-songwriter and guitarist for the band Rusted Root, a 90’s alternative worldbeat jam rock band that had some radio and music television prominence.

Michael Glabicki was born on January 21, 1971. Although he went to college, he dropped out to pursue music as a career. He spent two years learning how to write songs and create a musical vision that ultimately resulted in Rusted Root. 

Glabicki met percussionist and vocalist Liz Berlin at a political rally in Pittsburgh, where the two vibed enough to pursue music together. After adding jazz bassist Patrick Norman and classical drummer Jim Donovan to his and Berlin’s musical project, the band Rusted Root was born.

What Was Michael Glabicki’s Band Rusted Root?

Rusted Root was a multi-platinum jam rock band based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Although they have been described as “genre non-specific”, they incorporate elements of:

  • rock 
  • blues 
  • jam band 
  • jazz 
  • country 
  • and world music 

into their unique blend. They arrived in the 90s alternative jam-rock scene around the same time as Blues Traveler, Phish, and Dave Matthews Band, among others. They have also been described as polyrhythmic, multicultural, and rock-and-soul.

Rusted Root is best known for their multi-platinum album When I Woke which featured the hit song “Send Me On My Way” along with Rusted Root classics like “Cruel Sun” and “Ecstasy.” The latest Rusted Root album was 2012’s The Movement.  It was a fully fan-funded album. Released on the Shanachie record label. The album featured the songs “Monkey Pants”, “Cover Me Up” and the title track, “The Movement.”

Post-Rusted Root and the Uprooted Project

More recently, Michael Glabicki has been performing as a duo with longtime Rusted Root guitarist and backing vocalist Dirk Miller. They have been playing reimagined versions of classic Rusted Root songs with new arrangements and sonic conceptions. They are performing new compositions as well. The duo plays both acoustic (Dabicki on acoustic) and electric guitars and often add a kick drum rhythm to the tunes.

Rusted Root is, at the very least, on hiatus if not altogether finished. They currently have no plans to reunite. Meanwhile, the Glabicki and Miller duo performs under the moniker Uprooted. The duo’s shows are extremely improvisational, keeping with their jam band roots and traditions. Glabicki also enjoys the intimacy of playing to small audiences in small clubs where you can even hear individual fans breathe and respond at the moment to the music.

Glabicki likes to fan-test new material on the road. While he is always writing new songs, sometimes he finds particular tunes fit a lot better with his current sound than the worldbeat sound of Rusted Root.

For Uprooted, Glabicki has been co-writing songs with Emily Victoria and Daisie Ghost-Flower, who are also vocalists.

Michael Glabicki also runs his own music studio, Red Cloud, in Pittsburgh. He started the studio simply as a place for him to write and record new songs. But now it has grown into a full-scale studio for local musicians who can rent studio time there.

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